“10 Keys to Personal Power” video by Brian Tracy

1. Clarity (of thinking):
a. Ability to focus: to know what he/she wants to accomplish in life, decide what it is you want to be.
b. Be decisive.
c. Have a vision – dream big dreams.
d. Focus on results, not activites.
e. Write out goals – specifically and clearly.
f. Review your goals often.
g. Speak with clarity.

2. Competence: commitment to competence.
a. Excellence yields opportunities – it is a journey – the whole world opens up to you. Always strive to do better. Ask yourself. “How many offers are you getting this month?”
b. Hard work yields improvement: The harder you work the better you get. Anything more than 8 hours (for survival) is an investment in your future; it will pay off.
c. The market pays for excellence.

3. Concentration: Key to effectiveness
a. Best use of time: ask constantly, “What’s the best use of my time?”
b. Develop sense of urgency. Do it now.
c. Completion of each task.

4. Common Sense:
a. Train your mind:
b. think things through: action without thinking is a common cause of failure.
c. Listen to your intuition
d. Learn from setbacks. “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

5. Creativity: The hallmark of creativity is curiosity. 80% of what we use in five years will be different.
a. Tap creative potential: You need an idea that’s only 10% to start a fortune.
b. Look for better ways: keep your mind open for new ideas.
c. Be flexible.
d. Ask questions
e. Have one new idea

6. Consideration:
a. The quality of your relationship with other people will determine your success in life.
b. people skill
c. Golden rule.
d. learn to listen
e. Have a big vocabulary: learn a new word every day.
f. Firings usually caused by not getting along: Low self esteem is the biggest cause of not able to get along with others.

7. Consistency:
a. Dependable/predictable work is superior: always be more successful than flashes.
b. consistency in relationships: Be consistent with family and boss. Law of accumulation: Even if you do hundreds or thousands things you don’t see, eventually they accumulate and gather forces of their own. The biggest accomplishments in life are the results of the thousands of small accomplishments that no one see.
c. Guard your integrity – as the sacred thing – never compromise your peace of mind.
d. consistency in personal development

8. Commitment:
a. no success is possible without commitment (to your company, boss, job).
b. To your family, friends: Find the work and relationship you can commit yourself to.
c. to yourself, career and success: More failures in work are due to lack of loyalty/commitment to company and boss.
d. to your goals.

9. Courage: Outstanding quality of all leaders.
a. Have the ability and willingness to confront your fear. Not because they’re not afraid but they’ve mastered their fears. Most fears disappear when you confront them.
b. Dare to go forward.
c. Avoid ruts:
d. “There is no security in life, just opportunities.” The more we seek security that less we have it. The more we seek opportunities the more we have security. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Hellen Keller.
e. Be a little afraid. If you are fearing, you’re living too inside your potential.
f. fear of failure begets failures.
g. Be persistent in the face of adversity.
Decide that nothing is going to stop you.

10. Confidence:
a. Self confidence begets great achievement.
b. Self doubt can paralyze.
c. Behave confidently.
Nothing succeed like success.

Dorothy Brand, “Go confidently in the direction of your dream and act as if it’s impossible to fail.” Your true beliefs are always expressed in your actions. Act the part until you feel the part.