A Quick Day Trip to Sausalito and Tiburon, California

Last weekend, the family decided to drive up to Tiburon to cash out one of group-purchase restaurant coupon set to expire last Sunday. It’s one of the ways to find excuses to visit one of our favorite spots. The day was simply gorgeous in the 70F’s, without any fog in the San Francisco Bay. Decided to stop by Sausalito as it’s on the way. Sausalito was like a zoo with many tourists. But Tiburon was a calm place for retreat and dining. Took some pictures to share (click on pictures to zoom in):

Panoramic View of San Francisco from Sausalito:
Panoramic view - Sausalito

Sausalito Street View:
Street View - Sausalito

San Francisco View from Sausalito:
San Francisco View from Sausalito

San Francisco Zoomed-In View from Sausalito:
San Francisco Zoomed-In City View from Sausalito

Panoramic View of the San Francisco Bay from Tiburon
Panoramic View of Bay from Tiburon

Tiburon Fountain on Main Street
Tiburon Fountain on Main Street
Calming Fountain on the Main Street of Tiburon

The sound of the water is very calming for me. The sculpture in the middle of the fountain looks like the sail on a sail boat. Depending on the angle you’re looking into, it varies quite a bit. Nice.

Tiburon Main Street in Panorama:
Tiburon Main Street in Panorama