A Quick Visit to Ridge Winery in Cupertino

To those who enjoy good wine, visiting a winery with good wine and a beautiful 270-degree panoramic view of the San Jose South Bay area can be quite appealing to your palate and your visual senses. We visited the Ridge Winery in Cupertino or the Monte Bello Mountain today in this warm 85F weather – a 15-minute drive from home. I took this 270-degree panoramic picture below (click to zoom in): To the left, I could almost see the high rise in San Francisco city. Directly in front of me was the San Jose downtown and the San Jose Airport Runway: What a beautiful scenery!
Ridge Panorama View

I took pictures of a couple of the grape plants that were bearing the small-size grapes, normally used for wine making (not table grapes).
Grapes plants
Grape Plants 2
There were grapes plantations all along the mountain road and beyond.

We tasted six different wine offerings including chardonnay, zinfandel, merlot, cabernet and etc. When done sampling, we even bought a half bottle of the 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate so we can enjoy the wonderful wine on top of the mountain with the wonderful scenery. We are truly blessed with so much abundance around us. It still amazes me that the various kinds of grapes and turn into something so rich in flavor and has been a source of pleasure for human kind.