A Suction Cup Does Not Stick or Stay Stuck Any More – How I Fixed It

One of the easiest way to keep the shower door/glass from building up mildew is to wipe off the water at the end of your shower. A 1-minutes maneuver would save you many minutes of scrubbing or applying the harmful chemical to clean it afterward. So I bought this squeegee with a suction cup stuck to the shower wall to hold the squeegee. See below:
Squeegee and suction cup
It worked really well for over a year. But lately, the suction cup started to lose its elasticity (kind of like most parts of human anatomy 😉 attributed to aging) and would not stay stuck on the wall any more, no matter how hard I try. Since it’s a custom suction cup (see below), I would need to buy another set as the suction cup cannot be bought separately.
Suction Cup for Squeegee
After googling around, I came across this method to bring back the suction cup’s elasticity; I boiled the suction cup for about 10 minutes. Now it worked like a charm. I only wish fixing human elasticity would be that easy. One thing I did observe was the color became more milky (Did boiling change the chemical structure of the plastic somewhat?). I don’t know how long it would stay stuck on the wall. But time will tell. If the same problem occurs again, I would probably get a new one next time.