Bokashi Soil Maker Harvest – A Big Surprise!

Bokashi compost consists of two steps: 1. Pickling the kitchen wastes with Bokashi bran, 2. Mix or bury them into native soil to complete the composting process. For the second step, instead of digging a hole and burying them into the hole, I used a hollowed up bucket to build up the compost so I can use them directly to fertilize plants. This was called the “Soil Maker” technique by some experts. Well, I got a big surprise when I open up the Soil Maker bucket at the end of the 2nd stage. Check out the video: Be forewarned that you probably don’t want to watch this while eating.

It was all crawling with some kind of worms, maggots, or larvaes. They are called Black Soldier Fly larvaes, I later found out that they’re beneficial bugs, believe it or not. People actually harvest them to feed the chickens, ducks and birds. Very interesting and gross. I never intended to grow them but they showed up and ate up half of the pickled Bokashi kitchen waste.

I learned that things don’t always turn out to be what you expected. If that happened, you may learn something from it.