Book Review: “Act like a lady, Think Like a Man” by Steve Harvey

I didn’t know this book was intended for women, but after a couple of pages I finally figured it out and finished the book anyway. As a man, I fully agree with author’s depiction of man and man’s motivation. Some of strategies make sense to me.

I have not noticed but it’s true that men will do three things for women they love:
1. Profess: Proclaim “This is my woman” in front of others.
2. Provide: That’s what every man is told to do since childhood.
3. Protect: Man’s instinct to protect his loved ones.

What every man needs:
1. Support
2. Loyalty
3. the Cookie (sex)

How men distinguish between the marrying types (keepers) and the play things (sport fishing).

Why men cheat? 1) Because they can. 2) They think they can get away with it. 3) He hasn’t become who he wants and needs to be or found who he truly wants. 4) There’s always a woman out there willing to cheat with him.

The playbook for women:
1) Men respect standards – get some
2) Ask 5 questions before sleeping with him: 1. What are your short-term goals? 2. What are your long-term goals? 3. What your views on relationships? 4. What do you think about me? 5. How do you feel about me?
3) The 90-day rule – no sex for 90 days of probation period. During this period find out the following: 1. How does he reacts when you tell him you’ve got some problems? 2. How does your man react under pressure? 3. How does he reacts to bad news? 4. How does he react when he’s told “no”?
4) Meet the kids before you decide he’s “the one.”

On how to “get the ring,” ask for a commitment and date. Don’t fear “failures.” Be willing to walk away.

A chapter on FAQ – very intuitive.

Except for some author’s bias on God and religion, I think the author is right on when it comes to how to read a man. Yes, man is a simple creature. Women may have read too much into man.This book ought to be a must-read for women and even teenager girls.