Book Review: “Advanced Plumbing: Pro Tips and Simple Steps” by Stanley

I learned a few tips on plumbing. My intention is not to install a new plumbing for a kitchen or bathroom (I would hire a pro for that), but to learn a few advanced tips. The following is what I picked up from the book that’s full of pictures and is fairly easy to understand.

1. Use of de-burring tool to de-burr the cut plastic pipes.
2. Use of dielectric union (with screw-on transition fitting, nut, plastic washer, and sweated brass female end) to transition copper pipe to galvanized pipe.
3. Use shimming when a pipe run through the wood stud but allow for expansion.
4. Design-in an access panel for the shutoff of the tub faucets.
5. For gas line to the water heater, a drip leg should be added to collect condensation and dirt.
6. If a water filter is inserted into the supply, make sure to add a jumper wire with clamps to ground the pipe.
7. Use of pipe strap to strap drain pipes.
8. Use of metal cover over the stud where the pipe runs through to ensure nails cannot be drilled into the pipe.
9. Venting for the drain pipe is a tricky business. The code may require sloping of the vent lines.
10. Special reverse-U shape drain needed for installing a sink in a kitchen island.