Book Review: “Basic Wiring: Pro Tips and Simple Steps” by Stanley

While browsing through the home improvement section of the library, I picked up this book. As an electrical engineering, electrical wiring should not be a problem for me. But this book taught me a few things:

1. Various tools used to splice wires, cut and crimp cables, connecting garden lights and lamps.
2. How to drop a wire behind the drywall using a weight and then use a hook to connect the wire and then pick up the wire. This created the minimal amount of damage for your drywall.
3. Checking for correct grounding and connection of the “hot” wire using a simple plug that you can buy from
4. The various kinds of wires/cables: Old fashioned fabric-sheathed cable, armored MC and BX (no ground), underground feed (UF), NM (Non-metalic) round profile and flat-profile.