Book Review: “Bossypants” by Tiny Fey

This is an hilarious account of Tiny Fey’s rise to fame from an unknown Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” writer/actor leading to the producer of the 30 Rock show. Of course, the imitation of Sarah Palin was the opportunity that brought her the fame in the national TV. The sketch scripts for the imitation of Sarah Palin was extremely funny and brilliant.

In the book, there were funny stories about her honeymoon cruise that ended in an evacuation from the ship due to an engine fire, climbing the old rag mountain with no preparation to accompany/please a “potential” boyfriend who ended up bruised in a slip, male comedy writers who pee in jars, her experiment starting the 30 Rock with Alec Baldwin, and her Greek upbringing and growing up with a scar.

The audiobooks is narrated by Tiny Fey herself – very funny. Well worth listening to.