Book Review: “Click and Mortar” by David S. Pottruck and Terry Pearce

This book may have been an eye opener at the on-set of the Internet revolution but lots of things being predicted here have happened – like leveraging the Internet to serve the customers better. For Charles Schwab, they have learned to leverage the Internet to continue their low-cost model of serving their customers. This may have been a difficult transition from telephone service at that time but has become lucid recently. It’s hard to imagine they could have done anything different.

The rest of the book about establishing Schwab’s mission statement may have been unusual at that time, it’s now being practiced readily. In order for a company to scale to a big company, these infrastructures need to be put in place in order to synchronize all areas of the company.

Overall, I didn’t get all that much from this book except for the importance of serving customers well and be persistent even if you have to cannibalize your own business.