Book Review: “Complete Home Storage” by Southern Living

Got this book from the library. I wanted to learn about increasing the storage space at home. My key takeaways:

– The sink tilt-out tray (on p.55) is really cool. I wanted to get one of these installed in my bathroom but was told by HomeDepot that it’s a custom thing – not available. Evidently, you can buy them on the net.

– The under the sink storage for paper towel, cloth towels and paper bags on p.54 is a good idea. It makes good use of the door.

– Custom designed underbed storage box with casters on p.86. I didn’t know how easy it is to make one, provided you are handy with wood work.

– The ladder towel rack on p.110 is pretty neat. It allows many towels to be hung.

– Newspaper storage box with ‘V’ cut out on each side to allow for strings to be laid down such that the newspaper can be wrapped up fast. Of course, nowadays newspaper are not being wrapped in strings but the design is still pretty cool.

– Glass jars to store nails and they can be fastened to the underside of the shelf.

– Use of the empty gift paper roll to wrap Xmas lights around as a cable organizer.

– The wood work cheat sheets cover all the joints: butt joints, lap joints, and dado joints. I learned a
few things about them.

– Scribe rail is an ingenious idea to make a cabinet flush with the wall.

All these great ideas make me want to go out and buy all the workshop tools to make some storage boxes/cabinets.