Book Review: “Effective Networking Freeway Guide: Turn Relationship to Results” by David Nour

Networking takes work. Be strategic and touches more people, leveraging “hub” and “invest” in the relationship by reciprocating and making “deposits” – not just be a “taker,” who calls on people for specific purpose only and disappear afterward.

What I have learned:
– Use elevator pitch to tell people what you do and keep people interested like “keeping the clients off the cover of major newspapers.”
– Make goals to contact people on a weekly and monthly basis. Number counts.
– Network all the time, not just when you need to job hunt.
– Use technology like PDA or computer. Prune your contact list on a monthly basis.

This audio book is fairly short ~ 70 mins and there are many “actor/actress” voices to keep the flow interesting – unlike most of the audio books, which are often narrated by the author or a narrator. The message is simple and yet to the point. Good listen.