Book Review: “Everybody’s Got Something” by Robin Roberts

I didn’t know Robin Robert before the book since I don’t watch TV, especially the morning TV like Good Morning America. Who has time to watch TV in the morning while rushing to go to work? But it may be just me.

The book describes Robin’s going through her bone marrow transplant after acquiring the MDS (Myelodysplastic syndromes), possibly caused by the heavy chemo therapy from her breast cancer a few years before. The book went through great details of the process: finding the donor (her sister), pre-treatment to kill of all the damaged blood cells, the gradually inject the new stem cells from the donated bone marrow to propagate the healthy cells. After the heavy duty treatment (> 100 days), she finally came through in one piece.

My takeaways:
1. Learned a few things about the job the anchor person in the early morning show. Waking up 3:45am in the morning and did lots of things before any one is awake, especially the crews working overnight to prepare for the show.
2. “There should be no limit to gratitude,” her mama sets an example for treating people with utmost kindness.
3. Strong family tie between Robbin and her family, especially her mother and her sisters. This sets a person up like Robbin for success.
4. Robin seems to have fun at Good Morning America. She’s surrounded by nice and genuine co-workers.
5. Bone marrow transplant story: the pre-treatment to kill off all the old cells and transplant the stem cells to rebuild it like an infant.
6. The book’s capturing the voice of the caretakers – her partner, Amber is quite a treat for the reader to learn from their perspective.
7. Coming back from edge of death, twice, and in public eyes can really change a person’s perspective in life. Being thankful is the least one can do.
8. Great voice in the audiobook. Not like reading a book but telling a story, an emotional story.

This is an inspirational book for anyone who’s going through a serious illness or taking care of one. I recommend the book.