Book Review: “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City” by Matthew Desmond

The author went with the poverty ridden Wisconsin neighborhood. There were many characters in the story. There were the rich black landlord vs. the poor black tenants. Some of the tenants were trapped in vicious cycles of drug abuses that they couldn’t get out of. And there are some just one paycheck and food stamps away from being evicted. The landlord charges a more-then-normal rent in the inner city because they could and they need to handle the eviction and rent shortfalls.

This book is a difficult one to read that people could get to the point of being evicted from one home to the next. Some of the people hadn’t had a good shower for a while, much less a home.

The author offer some solutions about Section 8 voucher, the importance of having a roof over the people as the basic human need for dignity.

I wanted to do a video review of this book and I found it too emotional draining to review the book after listening to the audiobook. The author accomplished his goal of getting people to care but the price is too high to solve all the social issues that the book brought up: the lack of life purpose, drug addictions, and vicious cycles of poverty. They seem overwhelming and helpless.

If you’re interested in knowing how the bottom 1% live, this is the book for you but be careful not to get dragged down by it.