Book Review: “Excel Formulas and Functions For Dummies” by Ken Bluttman

Went through the book fairly quickly. Good examples. Too bad that they don’t provide the examples online for download. I consider myself fairly good at spreadsheet but was surprised how advanced Excel spreadsheet has come along with all the database, statistics and other programmable functions now.

Some worthy takeaways:
1. Use of Arrays by using Ctl-Alt-Shift Enter. Wow!
2. Formula auditing tool to check dependents and precedents.
3. All the statistical functions including percentiles, quartile, frequency, and etc.
4. Database functions to search and match.
5. Computer binary/hex/octal conversions

This book might come in handy for people who use the spreadsheets a lot. I’m a causal user and found those formulas out of the realm of my everyday usage.