Book Review: “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano

The author Mireille Guiliano started with her story how she gained so much weight during her college years in USA and managed to overcome the craving for pastry and lose and maintain her ideal weight.

Of course, one of first thing to do is to write on a log or diary on all foods eaten (inventory taking) throughout the days and weeks. This allows you to find your key offenders. She suggested the leak soup as the crash course. Sounds interesting.

My take-aways are:
1. Eat with moderation: after the 6th bites, your taste buds have been satisfied already. Why go any further? Enjoy your first few bites.

2. Cook with seasonally fresh food/fruits. This, in essence, is become a gourmet or a snobbish eater. Don’t eat frozen food if you can help it. Cooking the dishes with fresh foods will sharpen your taste bud, allowing your differentiate good food from the bad. The author also offered a method to make your own yogurt.

3. Enjoy/savor every bite: By enjoying/savoring every bite and articulating in your own words, you end up with an good overall eating experience and slowing down your food consumption. By slowing down your consumption, you end up eating less.

4. Drink lots of water before meal and throughout the day. It’s important to have sufficient water to keep your body in good balance and less hungary, thus healthier.

The book offers a good list of recipes (included in Amazon) that is hard to capture by listening to the audio book . Will need to check out the book some day.