Book Review: “Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood” by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis described his experience as a father to her three children in their early life. Interesting anecdotes are his daughter’s acquiring cuss words in front of boy bullies, his mistaking his daughter’s insect bites for chicken pox – more like trusting a “bad” doctor’s advise, accounting the sibling rivalries when his 3rd child was born, facing his wife’s postpartum depression, camping out with his daughters, safeguarding his son in the hospital while his son’s getting care for RST, his getting vasectomy and his ambivalence and the experience through it, and a few other interesting stories about his family life.

Michael Lewis’ use of sports metaphors is masterful and keen – hence the name “Home Game.” Writing a revealing personal story is difficult and at times awkward (like the Vasectomy surgery). He did it with grace and in a funny way that kept the reader laughing throughout. This book is highly recommended for anyone embarking on a child bearing journey and anyone who has gone through it and may have forgot what it’s like down in the trenches fighting a war of attrition with your loved one. It brought back a lot of “painful” memory of my own.