Book Review “How to Make a Journal of Your Life” by Dan Price

This is an innovative book about how to write a journal capturing the life moments. The entire book is practically hand drawn as a journal should be. My key takeaways:

1. In addition to writing down your inner thoughts, hand sketch of interesting things you come across. Start sketching some mundane things like a coffee cup but doing it from memory.

2. Include edited photos and write over the photos to keep it interesting instead of dropping them into the photo box. On photography: 1) Pick a good subject. 2) Get to know your camera in an intimate way, 3) Learn what good composition is. Practice the art of “glancing” (without looking into the lens) 4) Learn to wait for a really good moment.

3. Placing natural things you collected on to the journal pages. Keep your crystal clear tape, razor knife, tweezers, magnifying glass handy. Collect free stuff like stamps, postmarks, ticket stubs, fruit stickers, letterheads, cartoons, logos, window stickers, and etc.

This is a motivational book for someone who’s inspired to capture the life’s moments. It’s a very small and short book that can be read within an hour. Especially the drawings make reading the book like a comic book. I think I’ll try a few tricks I learned from this book but I would like to keep the journal digital for ease of safekeeping.