Book Review: “I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams” by Patrick Henry Hughes

“I Am Potential” is an autobiography of an able but disadvantaged man who grew up with no eyes and a severe limb growth problems with his arm and legs. The amazing thing is that he managed to learn playing piano, trumpet and participated in school marching band. His father played a huge role in enabling him to accomplish so much. Of course, the mother overcame the adversity and the “card” she was dealt with and proceeded to have two more healthy children after Patrick Henry. My compliment to the couple; they have made great sacrifices. Patrick Henry gave the couple the meaning to what life is all about.

It’s hard to imagine if I were to live in his shoes. Would I have the strong will and vitality to live as a normal life as I could? What is it like to live a life not knowing what “colors” mean? Would I be bothered/frustrated by the constant pain and fragility? Just imagine how I should have accomplished if Patrick Henry can accomplish so much in his position. It makes me question whether I’m achieving to the best of my potential.

Anyone who’s depressed and feels sorry for his/her life should read this book. Everything will seem easy for a person without the same disadvantages that Patrick Henry has. This is a heart warming and encouraging story.