Book Review: “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” by Tucker Max

Not much to learn from this book – just miscellaneous stories of foolishness and sexes due to drunkenness and raw male pleasure. I picked this book from the overdrive library just because it’s been on the best sellers list for a long time. It’s definitely not worth paying for the book. I honestly don’t know how anyone would pay for it.

Some of the stories have exact time stamps on the sequence of events. I doubt at his drunkenness state, he could keep track of the time so well. Suspicious. Also I wonder how lucky he has been alive without getting hurt or acquiring AIDS so far with his and his friends’ reckless behavior. Tucker Max’s lawyer background serves him right with the decent writing skill and his association with horny and yet literate friends (like SlingBlade) make the story reading a bit more tasteful and interesting. I guess this is unlike other books because it’s written by an almost lawyer doing reckless things against his “better” judgment. At least he knows he’s going to hell and he does it eloquently with his insults.

Some of the more memorable stories: vomit during a blow job, burping after swallowing, throwing her clothing out the windows after having sex purposely with a fat girl, being sexually assaulted by an Eurasian woman, Vega trip with Junior, oral sex with a bulimic girl, pepper-sprayed during sex at a stranger’s RV, leaving a long trace of shit in the Embassy Suite’s lobby, sex while taking a dump, being shitted diarrhea while having anal sex followed by vomits, getting a Chlamydia test as a revenge from a girl, peeing in bed and framing the girl, starting a fight with a mascot, being head-tricked by a gay guy about having sex with a post-op transsexual, hospital visit from appendicitis, relationship with a deaf woman, dancing with a mirror, dog’s diarrhea after eating his vomit, and 3-minute dating. The book tour stories are less interesting toward the end.