Book Review: “If You Ask Me, and Of Course You Won’t” by Betty White

Betty White is long recognized as the quintessential comedy actress. I like her part in the Golden Girls. The book reminded me of her Homemaker role in Mary Tylor Moore’s show. Of course, this book also introduces me to her new “Hot in Cleveland” show, which I wasn’t aware of. I watched a few Season 1 episodes. Not bad. It’s like the Golden Girls show except the girls are washed-out Hollywood actresses and Betty plays the old caretaker lady that comes with the house. 3 women and 1 older woman – same formula.

I learned a few things about her life. I admire her longevity in the show business. May she live long and continue her happy and fulfilled life.

Key takeaways:
– She really likes pets. It’s good to have a passion or course. It makes life interesting – a key ingredient to happiness.
– She is modest in attributing her success to luck in pursuing her passion of the TV/movie industry, which practically grew up with her.
– Her fan club leaders are all retired – it goes to tell you how long she has been in this industry.
– Getting nominated is a reward in itself. Winning it makes it all that much sweeter.
– She hasn’t been sick for over 20 years, thanks to taking vitamin C. Wow, that’s a testimony!
– She enjoys crossword puzzle and writing. They both go well with the craft of acting while keeping her mind sharp at her age: 91 years old now.
– Timing is very critical in comedy. She has to continue tuning her timing. But she’s a pro.
– Having consistent stories for reporters are important. She admires Warren Betty.
– Integrity is especially important in her line of work. Coming from her really makes it more pronounced.
Her monologue in the SNL is hilarious.