Book Review: “Kick Start Your Success” by Romanus Wolter

This is a simple book. It’s got the recipes to “kick start” your success. After reading the physical book the second time following the audio book, I realized there are substances to what the author is proposing. Separating out the internal and external intent helps the balance out the goal and gives it a perspective of “serving” others. I like the idea of the Success Script and asking for help and feedback. I think I just might give it a try. The summary is as follows:

Step 1: Stating your intents ( the underlying emotional foundation of your goal. It gives you the personal focus, energy, passion and commitment you need to succeed): 1. Internal (why achieving your goal is important to you) and external (shows you why achieving your goal benefits other people). Write them down: 1. Internal Intent: Why do you want to achieve this goal? What do you love about it? How will your life change once your goal is achieved? 2. External Intent: How will achieving your goal help other people? How will it benefit the company you work for, your clients, or the world? Succeed by: 1. Push guilt aside. 2. Mentally re-prioritize often. 3. Revel in the small tasks of life. 4. Know you’ll succeed.

Step 2: Obtain focus on creating your instant impact message, a brief, personal, powerful statement based on benefit that you consistently repeat to everyone you meet. Revealing the benefit behind your goal to the world and asking for help when you need it builds self-confidence. To make a direct impression. Should be 10 words or less.

Step 3: Find your voices by using your success script. Kick start law of positive words. Always speak positively about yourself and your goals. A positive attitude attracts and a negative one repels. A success script is a page of information that allows you to control the flow of conversations and keep them moving in a positive direction. 1. Write the name of your goal and your instant impact message. 2 State how you deliver the benefit you offer. 3. 3x Delivery methods and associated instant impact message. 4. Show people what you can do, and the opportunities will come knocking! List 3 people you’ll approach for testimonials. 5. Connect with others by sharing your internal intent and experience. Create you bio by first stating your internal intent and then your experience (1st, 2nd, and 3rd areas of related experience). 6. Make it very easy for people to contact and refer you.

Step 4: Triumph by becoming inter”ask”ive. State your goal using your Success Script, and near the end of the conversation always ask a specific question that you feel you need answered. 1. Become inter”ask”ive with a question of the day. 2. Continually discover information. 3. Become open to suggestions. 4. Do more than expected. 5. Set you goal and let it blossom. 6. Life on your terms, 7. Engage naysayers! a. asking for their advice. b. Demonstrating that you want to hear their ideas, c. complimenting them on their suggestions. 8. Contact – Learn – Achieve Success on your terms. a. People who have achieve success. b. experts in your neighborhood. c. friends, family, and colleagues. d. the library. e. Dream like a child, decide as an adult, and go for it! 9. The Oh, so dreaded double no. Fear provides us the energy we need to achieve the impossible. a. Go for “yes.” b. Treat every “no” as a maybe, c. Achieve the dreaded double “no.” d. Be positively relentless.

Establish a firm foundation: hold a kick start success launch party. a. Invite 4 to 6 friends and family members to your home for a Kick Start Success Launch Party. b. Use your Success Script to introduce yourself and your goal. c. State your current challenge and ask for help. d. L-I-S-Ten (List all the ideas). e. Thank everyone for coming.

Energize your spirit: Form a success team. consists of 3~4 people. What matters is their ability to listen and motivate without interfering. Meet regularly to encourage everyone involved to keep working on their goals by celebrating recent successes, maintaining focus by discussing your next goal, kick starting action by asking about your next action steps, providing contacts or resources that can expand your possibilities, motivating by sharing their experience and ideas, stating “sounds great. Keep going!”