Book Review: “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis

I listened to the abridged audio version of the book. As one of the earliest work of Michael Lewis, I thought the book is pretty good. The style is not as published as his recent work but the story is interesting enough to overcome its shortcoming.

The story gives the readers a glimpse of what’s it is like to get a job in an bond trading form like Salomon Brothers and to work there day in and day. It’s really like a big legal casino based on author’s description. The trading form worked like a giant bookie firm taking bets from all over. The characters in the story was also interesting like the human piranha who cussed constant f*k words, his two mentors: Alexander, and Dash, the geeks in the training class, and the rich clients who made money and lose money based on their recommendation. Of course, the obscene amount of the money/bonus the sales person made on 12/19 of every year reflect the insanity of the Wall Street. But it was no different from the Internet companies that went belly up after the year 2000.

Overall, the story was riveting though long-winged at time. Most of all, it was entertaining.