Book Review: Lincoln – A Photobiography by Russell Freedman

Old photos (I meant really old photos from the 1800’s) are really precious. This book has a large collection of the pictures from the Lincoln days, making it especially impressive. For Children. My daughter teased me I was reading a children book. Honestly, I got a lot from this book. I like the conciseness of the book.

Lincoln was a late boomer. Not very educated until much later in life. But he was helpful, of high integrity, and a born leader. The fact that he was selected as a presidential candidate by accident goes to tell you that luck has a lot with a person’s life and his answer to the call and challenge was what separated him from the others. This country was fortunate to have him as a president at the time of crisis, or this nation may never has been as great as it is.

The tragedies that surrounded Lincoln, including his depression and his being assassinated, made him as tough as he could be. Sometimes, adversities shape a person’s character more than he/she can possibly become on his/her own. And yet, he tried to maintain a sense of style and normalcy like reciting Shakespeare and watching plays.

Lincoln was fortunate to be born in that era where he shone and made a big difference in this great nation. And this nation own a great deals to him.