Book Review: Magical Thinking by Augusten Burrough

Auguesten makes guy people look funny and normal. “Magical thinking” is a psychological term which describes the belief that one exerts more influence over events than one actually does. Sometimes, this may be the right belief so that as a whole we truly exert more influence over one another’s life.

I particularly like the story about his addiction to the steroid and how he grew his tits and acne on his shoulder. According to him, it’s the “new” thing for gay and normal guys.

The other hilarious stories includes
– His attempt to get rid of the opossum that ravaged through his covered can where he stored the crap of his dog – this resulted in a poor girl’s nightmarish discovery during her egg hunt.
– His attempt to get his boyfriend to change his lotion.
– Picking up a dog called Bentley that ended up sleeping between them.
– Shopping for a log cabinet.

The crude and yet funny stories are:
– Killing a rat in his tub with a RAID spray, scorching water and finally waving in a random pattern with a flashlight.
– Cursing his boss who started out a very nice boss then turned into an abusive boss because of the suspected incestuous relation between her husband and her daughter. She suffered a sudden death due to a brain clog.
– Stepping on the fingers of a baby without telling his/her mother, who blamed the kid for his/her bad behavior.

And Augusten shared some of the most heart warming stories between him and his lover, Dennis. His use of metaphors and detailed description of each event make a mundane thing come alive and interesting. It’s a good and fun read/listen (audio book) for me in the car.