Book Review: “Man’s Searching for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl

Listened to the audio book again after a couple of years. I have heard people mentioned this book as life-changing influence on their lives. Indeed, after hearing about his suffering in the concentration camp, it’s not hard for the readers to decipher that life is full of chances and opportunities. One wrong choice (like joining the liberated crowd to move to a different camp) could have cost him his life. And yet, opportunities are abound for those who search them out and place a meaning behind it. This is especially important for those who are lost and couldn’t find a way back on track. Seeking out a meaning for every thing you do is the best way to avoid boredom in our everyday life.
Especially when you’re suffering, find a meaning behind it. Then you’d find the suffering more tolerable.

Logo-therapy, touted by the author, may be the right solution for those who could not find an anchor and direction for their busy lives. Indeed, one can always get lost in today’s hectic work life. Seems to me people keep looking for materialistic fulfillment – not spiritual and definitely not attaching meaning to it.

This is an excellent book to keep people focused on the ultimate goal of human existence – searching and fulfill the meaning of life.