Book Review: “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs” by Dan Kennedy

Most of the book contents are similar to other time management tools. My main take-aways:

1. Your time is more valuable to you than you imagine if we go by the author’s calculation method that the time wasted may be our “productive” time. And our productive time is a relative small percentage of our working hours. The author has a formula to calculate the actual productive time. It’s probably in order of 20~30% of our working hours.

2. Lots of traveling tips, like having people to travel to your site, as most of time wasted for a professional like Dan Kennedy’s are the wasted time in the airport, plane and the sick time after the travel. Be selective on your decision to travel and make the best of the travel time.

3. The book seems to be a hodge podge of notes from his “productive” writing or talk shows. It is not as organized as it should be.

4. Do the important stuff that drive toward your goals. Packing a nice boxes, as in his example, may not the important work to drive you toward your goals.

5. His advocate of using FAXes seems to be out-dated but he’s very careful not to have people rob him of his productive time, especially office time. He recommends to stay out of office and work from home but I don’t think this works for a manager who need to oversee the people.

Making good use of the productive time is the key message here. Since the book is relative short, it’s probably a productive use of my time.