Book Review of “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder” by Arianna Huffington

The third metric in addition to power and money touted by the author involved well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.

Well-being: Meditation, Being a gazelle (be peacefully enjoying the moment), don’t overconnect (the snake in the digital garden of Eden), secure your own mask first (take care of ourselves first), don’t deprive yourself of sleep (a performance-enhancement drug), do lots of walking/hiking. adopt pets.

Wisdom: Daily gratitude exercise (writing down a list of things to be thankful for) makes sense to relieve stress and pave a better outlook in life. Use your inner voice, hunches, and intuitions. They can be helped with good sleep and meditations. Our smartphone is not adding smartness to our lives – iParadox. Our “hurry sickness” or “time famine” could dampen our creativity. Protect our children time affluence. Join the “slow movement.” Letting ideas simmer on the back burner could yield insights, and sometimes breakthroughs. “The future will belong to the people who can innovate – and innovation comes from knowing when to slow down. A good tip of accomplishing you really want to do – drop the rest from the list. The author recommended evicting the “obnoxious roommate (negative thoughts).” Our habits are our auto-pilots; forming good habits would reduce our need for willpower that gets depleted under stress. Use of stoicism and find meaning in life suffering and facing difficulties could benefit us. Take a minute when you wake up to breath deeply, be grateful and set your intention for the day.

Take time to wonder at the world around us. Slow down and let wonder do its job, at its own pace. Be open to the serendipity of coincidence. Momento Mori – remember death or our mortality. Allowing the reality of death into our everyday reality can keep us from veering off course. The author talked about her mother’s death and how she lived her life in wonder until the last day.

No self-development book is complete withing talking about giving back. No exception here. Make plan to volunteer in a weekend. There are more stories about her mother’s giving and helping others. Go-getter are good; go-givers are better. Giving promotes positive health boost and grow brain. Start small with giving and make it a habit.

The appendix is full of apps and tips. Also the Audiobook narrated by an foreign accented woman (may be from Greece). Lots of good quotes throughout the book.

It’s a decent book if you’re really lost and mired in pursuit of power and money. Otherwise, it makes a good gift for someone like that.