Book Review: “Possible Side Effects” by Augustine Burrough

Some interesting side stories from Augustine Burroughs:
– Buying John Updike first-edition books and cursing him to die to profit from it.
– Nose bleed in the plane and book-signing while encountering his book fans.
– His encounter with Tooth Fairy, not a very organized fairy as told by his Grandma.
– Getting his other dog as a companion to his Cow Cow dog.
– Chipping his molar biting into a clam shell during vacation and chipping another tooth biting into a tater. Vacationing in a doll-filled Bed and Breakfast inn.
– Lesbian friend, Christi’s searching for a lipstick lesbian mate. $3K ad in a magazine and getting shut on her face after sending 1 dozen-dozen roses to a potential mate after one date.
– The making of the Jr. Mint commercial.
– Awakening from constant state of drunkenness and started writing his inner thoughts
– Dating Alex – why being 30 years old makes him put up more of the craps.
– Giving up Kitty-Kitty, the retarded dog, as a sign of rock bottom in alcoholism.
– Saturday-night Susan and the Penis Man – the ultimate peeping-tom experience plus the Hendersons and star-gazing from his office window.
– Trying to get out of being caught by the undercover cop while getting the attention of an English bulldog.
– Sarah Lee ad account – how he scraped the bottom of the barrel and yet came out shining.
– New job at cutting sails – got hired and fired the same day.
– Druggy Debbie – a friend who he met at a job fair of new restaurant. She threw a bloody tampon at a disgruntled customer who waved his penis after being asked to show his ID. Debbie is also a traffic-law-binding citizen. She and the author would go out and flash nasty sign (with obscene picture) to warn people of bad driving.
– His two grandmothers – how he hated his grandma on his mother side and tease her on his thinning hair and cutting off the grandma’s heads from all of the family pictures.
– Getting an Afro perm. Touched on racism about McDonald vs. Wendy’s and Chery Coke.
– Tricking his Mom on his psychic ability after learning the tricks from the packages of Wonder bread.
– Chinese Santa. He listened to all his childhood stories told by Mrs. Chang who spoke with a strong Chinese accent.
– Getting his puppy after earning $3/day on throwing dummies into a pond for dog training.

Very funny and some facetious stories as told by Augustine Burrough. I must say he either has a very interesting life or somehow he captured and told them better than anyone else. A little of both, maybe.