Book Review: “Power of Small” by Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

Yes, small things matter and the author would like you think it matters more than you think. They do provide very good convincing evidences that small things do roll up to big things. Small things are especially important for authors’ creative/advertising industry, where creative ideas could be small to start with.

Going the extra inch could make or break a person’s careers. The story about this guy’s job interview which he started the commute 3 hours ahead of the schedule and yet still missed the schedule due to the bad weather. He got the job because he was diligent in going the extra “inch.”

Don’t ignore small mistakes. They could become a big one. Many examples are there in the technology industry.

The author encouraged the readers to think small or niche when deciding to start a new business. It doesn’t have to be a big idea.

Overall, this book is full of good advises and examples why you’d need to heed the advises. Ultimately, it’s about doing the right things – small or large, starting small, observing the smallest details. They could mean successes or just mediocrity.