Book Review “Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife” by Mary Roach

This is probably one of the books that I came away feeling not getting much out of it. The author, Mary Roach, started out looking for the soul and weighing a soul. Nothing concrete (unless you count the 20gm loss when a person died) from the findings – mostly unproductive pursuit of something that doesn’t exist – in my opinion. Then it was the research into how the medium works to connect with the dead. Not much there either. I do like the possible explanations that people may be affected by the EMF (electromagnetic field) when seeing or feeling the ghosts. This is very likely and the author did experiment herself and he heard sirens when there was none.

The book ended with a story about proving that perhaps it was a scheme when a man saw dead father came back to inform him of a second will that re-divide the inheritance equally among the brothers and sisters instead of his holding the short end of the stick. The author had the signature expert analyze the second will and contested that it’s probably not very likely.

Mary Roach usually tells a good scientific story but this book doesn’t quite cut it – probably because of my bias against the possibility of ghosts. Lack of imagination. May be.