Book Review: “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick

This is a wonderful story of an orphan boy, Hugo, who lost his dad to a museum fire and managed to survive living a train station with his uncle as a clock adjuster. He has the passion of fixing things including the automaton his father was trying to fix and died trying during a fire in the museum. Somehow, he connected with the toy store owner, who turned out to be the inventor of the automaton. The old man was one of the early movie or dream maker in France after tinkering with magic but the business failed after the war due to subsided interest. He lost his life purpose and became a toy store owner, inventing winded-up toys for kids passing by the train station. He grew resentful of the movie industry and forbade his goddaughter from going to movies. Hugo, through a scheme with the goddaughter of the old man, somehow fixed the old man and got himself adopted into the old-man’s family.

I first watched the movie “Hugo” on the big 3D screen. The movie followed the book pretty well. In this case, I feel the movie is more vivid and better done than the book. I like the story and I like the movie even more. Very heart warming and makes a nice family movie.