Book Review: “The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want” by Joe Vitale

The Key is all about the Law of Attraction. By “clearing” oneself and opening yourself to the possibilities you desire, you will get what you want, eventually. More of the book include insights from the book author and other authors. The audiobook has a much more comprehensive direct recording of these inputs and Q&A’s.

I particularly like the method of driving away the guilt feeling of wanting more: just say “I am completely satisfied; I just want more.” Why not? The world is abundant. Why set a limit of yourself? Of course, many of the mortgage traders who contributed to the 2008 mortgage debacle probably said the same thing. But it’s better to start out with a good intention and give gratitude to what you already have.

I’m not so sure that everything that happened to us was because we’re attracted to it. Is it called accident? But I do agree that many things happened because we’re attracted to them or they’re attracted to us. Planting the seeds of desires are the key.

This book is better than I expected. I watched the Secret video and found it to be very fluffy – not substantive. At least this book taught you several technique to clear the blocks to the Law of Attraction. The audiobook is well worth listening to.

More summary below:

10 clearing methods from the book:
I. Be grateful.
II. Opting to change beliefs. Ask yourself:
1. What are you unhappy about?
2. Why are you unhappy about that?
3. What are you concerned would happen if you were not unhappy about that?
4. Do you believe in that?
5. Why do you believe in that?
6. What are you concerned would happen if you did not believe that?

III. Unraveling your thoughts – hidden thoughts that are attracting what you don’t want.
1. Identify your intrusive, upsetting, or disruptive thoughts.
2. Approach your thoughts like an impartial jury would evaluate evidence.
3. Conduct some behavioral experiments to further test out the truth of the thoughts.
4. Decide how true your original thought is based on the evidence you gathered and the results of your behavioral experiments.
5. Realize that your troubling or limiting thoughts are not necessary.

IV. Read books for hypnotic storytelling by others.

V. Say “I Love you” to the Devine before tackling a big task. This is author’s secret weapon to show his entrusting his fate with the Devine.

VI. Use TFT (Thought Field Therapy) or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which are like acupressure technique to relief stress.

VII. Nevillize it – create your reality through imagination. Feel what it would be to (have a mansion and etc.) Or script yourself to success.

VIII. Forgive yourself and others and thank them (radical forgiveness) for teaching you a lesson.

IX. Healing your body that holds blocks as thoughts and emotions. Have a conversation with your body. This one is a little out there. But it works, more power to it.

X. Feel the vital message:
1. Welcome the feeling.
2. Sit with the feeling.
3. Describe the feeling.
4. Ask the feeling what it’s trying to tell you. There is a lesson to be learned.

Insights on manifesting money: Money, by itself, if nothing but paper and metal. It’s us who apply meaning to it. Start thinking money like monopoly money. It does’t determine whether you are happy or not. Focused on the a passion, fun and sharing, doing good things. Don’t send out a feeling of need, attachment and addiction. Focus on on what you love.

Emotional freedom 101:
1. Welcome the feeling.
2. Dive into the feeling.
3. Increase it mentally (double it).
4. Let go of wanting it to go away.
5. Feel love.
6. Appreciate the unwanted feelings away.
7. Just drop the feeling.
8. Do conscious comparison.
9. Be the sky (not cloud).
10. Float it away.
11. Let go of disapproving yourself or your feeling.
12. Give yourself approval.
13. Float a red ballon.
14. Allow it to evaporate.
15. Use a water valve to control the flow.
16. Let go of just 1 percent (incrementally).
17. Embrace it with passion.