Book Review: “The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice” by Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is the expert on the “expert” industry or the guru of gurus. I was first attracted by his motto: live fully, love openly, and make a difference. I have subscribed to his email newsletters for a year now and found him to deliver consistent value to his subscribers and his “students.” Although I have not attended any of his seminars, I found this book to be very comprehensive and helpful. He paints a very good picture of what it takes and how to become an expert, and the associated benefits and potential financial rewards. It’s very encouraging and valuable to anyone who wants to become an expert of his/her chosen field. Highly recommended.

Outlines of the book:
Reasons why the “expert industry” should be chosen:
1. Work is based on your passion and knowledge.
2. Activities center on “relating and creating.”
3. You work anywhere and anytime, starting now.
4. You work with who you want.
5. Your promotions are based on your promotions.
6. Your pay equals the value you deliver, not the hours your work.
7. You don’t need a big team.
8. The tools for success are simple and cheap.
9. Financial income can beat that of other industries.

Three pillars of expertise:
1. The results expert giving advises like motivation, leadership, financial, business, marketing, relationship, spiritual, style, and productivity. “You have come further than some others on the highway of life, and the lessons you have learned are helpful and valuable to others.”
2. The research expert who chooses a topic that people fine valuable, research it, interview others on it, synthesize what he/she learns, and then offer findings for sales so others can learn and improve their lives. “Experts are students first and that you can go research any topic and become an expert in that area, starting now.”
3. The Role Model. “People listen to those they trust, respect, admire, and follow – they listen to role models.”

10 Steps to an Expert Empire:
1. Claim and master your topic.
2. Pick your audience.
3. Discover your audience’s problems.
4. Define your story.
5. Create a solution.
6. Put up a website.
7. Campaign your products and programs.
8. Post free contents.
9. Get promotional partners.
10. Repeat and build a business based on distinction (unique value), excellence (360 degrees: ourselves, staffs, and customers), and service (serving others and provide valuable information).

Money Map – Six Profit Pillars:
1. Writing
2. speaking
3. Giving seminars
4. Coaching
5. Consulting
6. Online marketing

1. My life experience, message, and voice are valuable.
2. If I don’t know it or have it, I will go learn it or create it.
3. I will not let my small business make me small-minded.
4. Student first, teacher second, servant always.
5. Mastery is a way of life.

1. Positioning: develop a good sense of a) what your audience wants, b) what it takes to ensure that your customers and other experts in your community hold you and your content in high regard.
2. Packaging: package the information in a way that their customers can easily understand and implement. Next, package their products and themselves well.
3. Promoting: 8 elements: 1. claim (promise of how your product helps), 2. challenge (problems they’re facing), 3. commonality (your own struggle), 4. credibility (why you’re qualified), 5.Choice (obviously different and better than anyone else), 6. comparison shopping (a good deal), 7. concern (objections to obliterate, try out on your friends), 8. Close and call to action (Click this button now)
4. Partnering.
5. Serving with purpose.

The Messenger Manifesto: The great industry reset.
Reset #1: From silos to sharing
Reset #2: Renewed focus on innovation and distinction
Reset #3: Better branding
Reset #4: Transition from sales communication to value communication
Reset #5: Achieving customer service excellence
Reset #6: Honor (your customers) more, expect more