Book Review: “Welch – An American Icon” by Janet Lowe

Janet Lowe offers a 3rd-party, unbiased perspective on the life and accomplishment of Jack Welch, the previous CEO of GE. I listened to the abridged version of the book. Nothing really new about Jack Welch that I haven’t heard of. He’s a tough, truth-confronting, no-non-sense manager, who rose from a small yet up and coming division of GE plastic to take over the CEO position of the entire company. His advocacy of Six Sigma took the company to the next level of quality. He stressed the importance of being #1 or #2 of the market, in order to maintain high level of margin/value to the customers. His mistakes were numerous but the obsession with winning gives the investors lots of reasons to forgive him and yet at the same time allow him to win even more, like the baseball batting analogy. How many CEO’s in the Fortune 500 companies are afforded such leniency? I like the 3rd-party analysis of the Welch instead of the many autobiographies Jack published with his wife. Too bad the audiobook was too short to assess the value of the book.