Book Review: “You’re broke because You Want to Be: How to Stop Getting By and Start Getting Ahead” by Larry Winget

I didn’t think I needed to read this book. But I enjoy Larry Winget’s straight talk so I listened to it.

Winget got to the purpose of money. Ultimately, one should consider being rich is about having money to donate to charity work, in addition to helping yourself. This may be a good motivator for people who loath money due to the often-mentioned “greed” associated with rich people. Getting rid of this “loathing” money concept is probably very important. Knowing “why” you want to get ahead is more important than knowing “how” which is what this book is all about.

This book offers a few tips:
Know where you are now. List out all of your expenses against your income. If the income is less than the expenses, then you have some painful tasks to do – reduce your expenses or increase your income. Winget emphasizes the importance of feeling the “pain” and emotion why you’re where you are – let in Jack Baur to inflict the pain. No pain, no action.

List all you can cut and do without and do it and go cold turkey. Doing it gradually simple doesn’t work for most people.

Some tips like putting all the changes into a piggy back and cash out from time to time to pay down debts is an interesting concept. It seems painless.

This book offers very simple message, nothing less and nothing more from Winget. He encourages people to read up and learn as much as possible. Can’t get ahead if you don’t improve yourself constantly.