Captivated by “Snapped” TV Shows

A few weeks ago, I accidentally clicked on Oxygen Channel and watched an episode of the “Snapped” show, then I was hooked for the last few weeks on Thursdays and Sundays, when the half-hour episodes are broadcast one after another for several hours. My Toshiba DVR really helped to get rid of the commercials. Today, I discovered that you can watch all the episodes on the Oxygen website where 3 seasons of “Snapped” episodes are on-line. How wonderful!

For a long time now, I discovered that I really enjoyed watching or reading murdermystery stories including “Law and Order,” and many other special investigations into some of the sensational murder cases – like the Polk case. My wife told me that I have a sinister side that comes out when I watched this kind of shows. “It’s not healthy,” I was told. But I believe everyone has a sinister/evil side that just might “snap” when the time, and circumstances are right. Some people just snap or “choose to” resort to violence more easily compared to others but everyone has a threshold. It might have something to do with the upbringing, and even genes. As it turns out, most of the killers or suspected killers in the “Snapped” episodes are women. Perhaps, women tend to be victims of domestic violence by men and perhaps more prone to emotional swing or even devious plots that cause them to kill as the “only” way out. I must admit that some of the acts were so obvious and even to the point of being ludicrous that I just don’t know what they were thinking how they’re going to get away with it. For example, there was one case that the wife killed her abusive husband in the bedroom and kept his body in the bedroom to rot and still managed to live in the same house for a year. It’s bordering insanity.

As a way to snap myself out of this “Snapped” addiction. I’d like to summarize the common themes among all these episodes:

What caused people/women to kill:
1. Money (greed): usually it’s the insurance money or some sort of inheritance for kids to kill their parents.
2. Love/hatred – getting rid of people in the way of love/affairs. It could be heterosexual or homosexual relationship.
3. Delusional about the only way to get out of or avenge a abusive relationship is to kill their spouse. In other words, taking laws into their own hands. It usually takes a sympathetic jury to acquit them of the guilt. Some of them went free, citing self-protection or insanity of sorts.

Most of weapons used in the murders are guns. The other weapons include knives, blunt objects, poison, and etc. Upon committing the murder, the killer would either leave the scenes as they are or tried to cover them up by making it look like accidents or making the bodies disappear. Eventually they all got found somehow.

Overall, watching the shows allows me to see people’s frame of mind and how they chose to commit the murder act. The line before people would cross the line is very blurry indeed.