Children Story – The Tooth Tree

This is a children story I created while taking a shower for my daughter; she just lost one of her front tooth last month while eating watermelon, thus the story. I dedicate this story on this International Children’s day – April 4th.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who likes to eat watermelon.
One day, she bites into a juicy and crunchy slice of red watermelon and out comes a white seed.
She wonders why there is a white seed among all the black watermelon seeds she spits out.
She shows her mother the white seed and asks her mom to plant the white watermelon seen in the backyard.
The girl waters the seed every day. She can’t wait to see the watermelon.
Many days pass. Still no watermelon.
She waits and waits ….
One day, she goes to the yard and finds a giant tree full of sparkling “white seeds.”
And she sees many tooth fairies flying around the tree and placing and hanging the “white seeds” on the tree.
“Thanks to you,” one of tooth fairy says to her, “we now have a place to decorate a beautiful tree with all the teeth we collected from under the pillows of the all of the children of the world.”
The girl smiles with one missing front tooth.