Cygwin Installation Problem – “Unable to get setup.ini”

For those people who work between Windows and Unix environments (like Solaris, Linux and etc.), Cygwin and Cygwin-X is like a godsend. Cygwin-X allows the PC to work in the X-windows environment with ease. Most of the Unix X-windows applications can be “hosted” under Cygwin-X running on MS Windows, making it a seamless extension of the Unix OS.

During one of the Windows 7 update, my Cygwin app environment got wiped out, probably because I installed the 32-bit version of the Cygwin-X, while my Windows 7 is 64-bit. So I had to re-install it from Cygwin.

I downloaded the “setup.exe” from the website and kept encountering the “Unable to get setup.ini” error message (see below) after switching to many other mirror download sites.


To spare you of the pain I went through, I downloaded and ran the setup-x86_64.exe from directly. Voila, the problem was fixed. I was able to install all of the Cygwin apps without any issue.