Digging “Black Gold” from the Community Compost Site in Cupertino

When it comes to organic gardening, nothing beats the good old compost, considered by many gardener to be the “black gold.” After reading the book, “Teaming with Microbes,” I have come to appreciate how critical compost is to growing organic vegetables.

I heard from others a while ago about the “free” compost in Cupertino, California where I live. After spending more than $7 on a 2-cubic-feet bag of organic compost at Home Depot last week and failed attempt to do traditional compost, I decided to check out this Cupertino compost site last week. I videotaped the entire experience. If you live in Cupertino, by all means, check out the place and bring home some compost for your garden. I have even gone back a second time to grab more this week! For those who don’t live in Cupertino, be sure to check if you city offers a similar service, perhaps not free but at a less expensive price tag than you can get from Home Depot.

This compost site is located in the Steven Creek Quarry Factory or 12100 Quarry Road, Cupertino. You would need to bring your ID to show you’re a Cupertino resident and bring lots of buckets and a shovel to start digging!