DVD Review “Planet Earth” Disc 1

This is the kind of video that you wish had a blu-ray and HD TV to watch on. The videos are so soothing and relaxing to watch. I fell as sleep a couple of times while watching.

This first disc has the animals on from the north pole to the south pole, like penguins, polar bears, birds, panda, piranha fish and many others. The mountains, waters are simply breathtaking. It also includes the inner working of the people who brought us the videos and the difficulties they encountered like shooting the videos on how the wild dogs hunt, and the habitat of a couple of snow leopards, and shooting the video on piranha.

After watching the videos, I gained better appreciation for the magics of this planet. This planet earth somehow evolved into the most beautiful planet that humans with the biggest brain on this planet can comprehend. It has given us (all the animals) so much and we’re all here to share, not to monopolize and abuse. As a guardian of this “Eden,” we need to be protective of it.

Did this video just turned me into a naturist? Perhaps, it has worked its magic.