DVD Review “Planet Earth” Disc 2

This disc covers the caves, deserts, and ice worlds.

The mysteries of the caves, especially the Lechguita cave, are new and astonishingly beautiful to me. The cathedral crystal formulations are a real treat. Thanks to the BBC talents who risked their lives to capture so vividly those beautiful objects. Especially these animals after spending perhaps millions of years in the pitch dark have long evolved to lose their eyes – another exhibit in proving the Theory of Evolution.

The audience was given a glimpse of the wild camels in the desert – quite rewarding. Of course, BBC also showed how they waited so long to film those wild camels with the help of a local wild camel guru.

The struggle of the female polar bear to fight the giant walrus for food was rather disheartening. I was ruling for the bear as there were definitely more walrus than the polar bears. But the bear simply lost her strength after being stabbed by the sharp tusks of the walrus. The polar bears are definitely losing out and facing extinction due to the global warming.

The emperor penguin’s division of labor in batching the egg between the male and female penguins struck me as simply amazing. They seem to have got the process down through many years of evolution.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the animals’ tenacity and ingenuity to struggle and fight for survival, especially in their respective harsh environments. The central theme is that they’re all given a natural ability; it could be the energy extraction chemically for a extremophile or the water seeking capability in the desert for the desert animals. I believe the same metaphor can be applied to the human life. Somehow, we are all endowed with the survival instincts and capabilities; it’s entirely up to us to take advantage of them and the make the best of our lives.