DVD Review “Planet Earth” Disc 3

This disc contains the great plains, jungles and shallow seas. Very enlightening disc. Learned a few things and the visual was memorable.

The great plains were full of lives despite its seemingly mundane setting, thanks to the nutrients of the grass and plants. There are the migration of the gazelles, antelopes, wildebeest, birds, geese, bison, wild asses, and others.

The jungles in rain forests also supported various types of monkeys, birds, insects and etc. Figs are the most popular fruits that supply the food for many animals. Was surprised to learn about the cordyceps fungi, which grow out of corpses of various species and could potential destroy an entire colony. Flying lemos glide from tree to tree to find and eat young leaves. A pitcher plant eats insects by trapping them into a water pool and then digest them with enzymes. It also forms a special symbiosis relationship with crab spiders. A territorial fight between chimpanzee gangs was so cruel and barbaric; they literally cannibalize their enemies. The mating dance and its filming of the birds of paradises was quite interesting. An interesting quote, “the secrets of survival in the jungle is specializing.” Is that the same as in the business world? Is that why we say, “it’s a jungle out there.”

In the shallow seas, humpback calves are born and raised. Big star fishes go after the small star fishes. The seals go after the penguins. The slow motion shot of the great white shark’s devouring an entire seal is incredible and time consuming to film.