DVD Review: “The Millionaire Inside” by CNBC

There are two DVD’s in this set. Got attracted to this by all the big name coaches: Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad), David Bach, Phil Town, and others.

The world of finance is full of opinions – not much straight facts. I like the forum of debates facilitated by Erin Burnett: the real estate gurus against the stocks/bonds gurus. However, the debates were just touching the surface without going too deep but it was enlightening.

I still believe that stocks are so much gamed by the Wall Street that most lay person would end up losing the game. The imminent demise of the social security after the baby boomers retire in strides this coming decade will expose the truth. But the real estates have been marred by the subprime mortgage disaster; it would take many years for people to go back there. That’s a good sign.