Gnats on the House Plants – How I Fixed It

My office window is facing north with very little direct sun light so I kept my shades rolled up permanently to keep the outside light in – keep my work spirit up. I figured adding a plant would add additional vitality to the office while the plant can thrive. All sounds good for three months until two weeks ago, when I started noticing “little flies” flying around my office, keyboard, monitor, table – everywhere. It’s a war zone! I researched/googled around and found their official name to be “fungus gnats” and they are prolific breeders by laying eggs which turn into larvae and then the adult gnats. They like damp soil surface where they lay their eggs.

They are many ways to get rid of them. First, one must get rid of the larvae. I use BT (Bacillus thuringiensis), the same organic pesticide I used to kill the caterpillar/worms on my vegetables. Then how do I get rid of the adult gnats? I tried the vinegar traps, fermenting vinegar trap, and water trap. I finally got fed up with the slow progress, went out and bought a flying insect spray for $1 at Big Lots. And it took care of the problem pronto. Just a couple of shots and they’re gone! I thought I shared my experience with you in this video: