Installation Problem with Eclipse for Android Development

Last couple of days, I tried to download the Android development kit (SDK) needed to develop software for Android devices. This was purely for fun. One of the requirements is to download the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software from Well, unlike most of the software, Eclipse is written in Java and needs to be installed manually. Sigh!

I ran into all kinds of issues like down-rev Java run time; had to download that. And then there are 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Java. Eclipse 64-bit version needs the Java 64-bit version and Eclipse 32-bit version needs the Java 32-bit version. Then I ran into this issue that Eclipse couldn’t find Java. After Googling around and reading through all the problems people faced, I determined that it’s the PATH that needs to be defined to point to the Java bin directory. I decided to create this Youtube tutorial to benefit others.