iPad WSJ app kept crashing on me – how I resolved it.

Last few weeks I had been bothered by the constant crashing of the WSJ iPad app. It took a long time for the app to download the latest news then it would crash (disappears to the background). I even updated the iOS to 4.3.4 – the latest but it was useless. After many trials and errors, I managed to get it work and would like to share with everyone. Here is how:

I first deleted the WSJ app. Power off the iPad (click sleep/wake and the home button at the same time then swipe the power off) then power it back up with the wake button. Next I downloaded the app from the AppStore again. Voila! It now works like a charm after I entered the user ID and password. Finally, the $2/week is paying off for me. It’s a much more economic solution than the paper version.

2013-11-19 Update: Lately after upgrading to iOS7, the WSJ app has been sluggish and occasionally unresponsive. One other user shares the same experience. Hopefully, this will be fixed in future update of WSJ App.

2013-11-22 Update: This morning I saw that WSJ just released a new update of the app on iOS7, which I downloaded and it seemed to work much better than before – no hesitation when you swipe between articles. Hopefully this is the fix.