Irrigation System Burst/Flooded – How I Fixed It

One of the worst nightmares anyone could have is the burst of water pipe especially when you’re not home to save the day, not to mention the high water bill that you’ll soon see from your water company in addition to the damage you would incur. This happened to my drip irrigation system today under the 100F+ heat. There was so much water that the sump pump turned on and the noise alerted my wife, who managed to turn off the main valve and text messaged me at work. I recorded this video about the damage and how I repaired it and put in some protection to prevent any future occurrences.

Among all the household repair work, I dreaded plumbing repair the most because it always ended up worst than I expected, partly because of the previous bad patch work and the connecting components age differently. To save future headaches, I tend to replace as many components as possible. This one is no exception. I ended up replacing the leader hose to the irrigation system and the Y-splitter coming off the faucet because of the damage during repair. This whole repair work cost more more than $40 at the end.

On the other hand, you can always learn the lessons from the damages you incurred. What don’t kill you or your spirit make you stronger.