Keyboard and Mouse Sharing between PC Windows XP and Solaris/Sunray with Synergy

Having access to Sun’s Sunray running on Solaris 10 and my Windows XP Pro PC requires me to have a USB switch to switch the keyboard/mouse back and forth between the input to the Laptop and the Sunray device. With Synergy, there is no need to use the USB switch. The mouse cursor can move between the two screens seamlessly with the added benefit of sharing the copy/past clipboard. The only complication is that the Solaris binary would need to be compiled from the source code. The compilation went smoothly but one must pay attention to the doc/compiling.html which indicates that you need to add the following to configure switch:
./configure –x-includes=/usr/openwin/include –x-libraries=/usr/openwin/lib
In addition, if you’re installing to the your home directory (not /usr/local/bin, which you must if you’re not the administrator), you would need to add the prefix switch like below:
./configure –x-includes=/usr/openwin/include –x-libraries=/usr/openwin/lib –prefix=$HOME

All went well with the compilation to synergyc (client binary) and synergys (server binary) for me with the above customization. I set up the Sunray session as the Synergy client and the Windows PC as the server. On Sunray, I ran the following script (saved as synergy.csh) at each session:

#!/usr/bin/csh -f
# This program allows the keyboard and mouse to be shared/hosted with the PC
# that runs the synergy server. Run as
# > synergyc.csh
$HOME/bin/synergyc –display `echo $DISPLAY` –restart –daemon –name sunray $1

On the PC side you’ll need to set up the server to recognize the client. Setting up the server is not trivial but this link may help or do a google search on “synergy monitor sharing”.