My Middle Finger Cut – Some thoughts


Last Sunday as I was pruning the frost-damaged tomato plant, I accidentally cut about 1/4″ into the tip of my middle finger. Yes, the pruner is a deadly weapon. I then walked back to the house and asked my daughter to bring out some tissue paper to avoid having my blood dripping all over the floor. When I showed my daughter the cut, instead of sympathy, I got a laugh from her, “Middle finger? Ha ha ha!” Not cool. It didn’t hurt that much but the stung a bit when I applied hydrogen peroxide on it.

Like losing the faculty of any part of your body, you don’t appreciate it until you lose it. Several days since, I have had problems flossing my teeth (the middle finger plays a critical of pivoting the floss to get to the back of the teeth), washing my hair and the right side of the my body in the shower. And of course, typing on the keyboard became a painful experience too.

It’s been five days now. The cut is almost gone and it no longer hurts. The strange thing is that as soon it’s healed, it’s back to normal; I don’t pay any attention to it any more. Like the cliche, the squeaky wheels gets the oil and I might add “a sore middle finger gets pampered.”

I used this opportunity to draw my hand on my iPad with Procreate app as above. You can always turn a painful accidental experience into a learning opportunity.